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CiscoWorks - Device fault manager HighUtilization Event every time

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  • CiscoWorks - Device fault manager HighUtilization Event every time


    I've got an issue with the device fault manager on CiscoWorks.
    Basically, what i wanted to do was to stop the ExceededMaximumUptime reported to many times on all my routers (ADSL interface). I tried to do some tweaking but even if I don't have ExceededMaximumUptime anymore, a HighUtilization alert replaced it (with many more alert ).

    What I did :
    Edited a customisable interface group.
    create ruel expression : Interfaces.Type equals "ADSL"
    Polling and Thresholds > Managing Thresholds > edit and set dial-on-demand interface support settings - maximum uptime to 0 (default value 7200).
    settings priority > Interface Threshold Groups > putted the group on the first position. then saved the config.

    I don't know what's wrong with that, but obviously it's not good.
    I could set the HighUtilization value to 80 or more (default value : 40%) but I had some crazy value reported (more than 200% sometimes).
    so It's not relevant to change it.

    Any help is more than welcome
    Many Thanks