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  • Queuing Strategy

    I am a Network Administrator who is just beginning to dive into routing. Please bear with me if I do not use the terminoligy correct.

    My system is two Radware devices each cross connected to switches which are then connected to two seperate Cisco 2600 routers. One router is connected to 1 Mbps of a fractional T1 and the other is connected to a 2 Mbps WiMax connection. Both connections have the same upload and download speeds.

    I monitor both connections with PRTG Traffic Grapher. At times we are peaking one of the connections for 5 to 10 minutes. The queuing strategy on my fT1 router is set to weighted fair while on my WiMax router it is set to FIFO.

    As I maintain a Citrix farm with around 90 connections per day on average, I am starting to hear a lot of people grumbling about performance. I have two Web Interface Servers and 6 Presentation Servers. My SNMP monitors for the farm do not indicate that the boxes are being overtaxed.

    This is making me wonder if users on one line versus the other are having better performance. Should I ask that the WiMax router be changed from FIFO to weighted fair to improve performance for my remote Citrix users?

    I super appreciate the help on my path to learning this new skill set. Any help will be much appreciated. Everytime I try to talk to my WiMax ISP, they keep trying to tell me I'm referring to quality of service and I am not. Thank you.

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    Re: Queuing Strategy


    The upload and download speeds should be slightly better on the 2Mbps link you would think. Queuing should be established on both links , because you have relatively slow speed circuits for 90 users. Are they concurrent users or total in nature? Check the Cisco 2600 series routers for dropped packet on the serial interfaces That will tell you if the router is being over utilized, along with the CPU utilization STATS. "show cpu history" is the command line statement. There could be high CPU utilization occuring.



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      Re: Queuing Strategy

      As the ISP manages one of the two routers in question, I have them checking in to the answers to your questions. Thank you.