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sh cont ser unsure what sdma and mpsc are

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  • sh cont ser unsure what sdma and mpsc are

    when doing a show controller serial, with not having an integrated wic, so no sh controller t1 or e1 or sh ser. The only option other than showing the interface is showing the controller serial to determine an error issue. I know that mpsc is a multiprotocol serial controller and that the sdma is an interface, but i was unable to find on cisco site or google, or from ccie, what all this means, like what does "
    109827 sdma_rx_ce" mean. When the interface takes errors it shows an increase in other fields of the show controller but they do not match the interface errors when doing a sh int ser, so they mean something. Also the rxintr and txintr are the byte counts for the interface. Thanks for your help,
    sprint managed network services

    109341426 rxintr, 108169575 txintr, 1 rxerr, 0 txerr
    204546309 mpsc_rx, 1 mpsc_rxerr, 26859 mpsc_rlsc, 93514 mpsc_rhnt, 204482754 mpsc_rfsc
    4229 mpsc_rcsc, 1 mpsc_rovr, 0 mpsc_rcdl, 0 mpsc_rckg, 0 mpsc_bper
    0 mpsc_txerr, 64341501 mpsc_teidl, 0 mpsc_tudr, 0 mpsc_tctsl, 0 mpsc_tckg
    0 sdma_rx_sf, 2 sdma_rx_mfl, 15148 sdma_rx_or, 52110 sdma_rx_abr, 40725 sdma_rx_no
    0 sdma_rx_de, 0 sdma_rx_cdl, 109827 sdma_rx_ce, 0 sdma_tx_rl, 0 sdma_tx_ur, 0 sdma_tx_ctsl
    1 sdma_rx_reserr, 0 sdma_tx_reserr
    0 rx_bogus_pkts, rx_bogus_flag FALSE
    0 sdma_tx_ur_processed