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MAC address based routing

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  • MAC address based routing

    I am designing a solution with a load balancer load balancing to multiple load balancers. This will allow me to have a scalable tier of load balancers in front of my web servers which can be grown by adding an additional load balancer to the pool.

    The only problem I have is that return packets from the web servers may not come back through the same original load balancer the request came through. This asynchronous routing will break the system.

    Source Natting the traffic cannot be considered as we cannot mask the source IP address from IDS sensors.

    The only solution I have found is to use a BigIP and its auto-last-hop feature, which creates a table of request packets and the mac address they came from, and then routes all return responses back through that mac address, rather than through its routing table.

    Does Cisco have such a solution on a switch, router, CSM or ACE module?

    Many thanks in advance,