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Do i need cisco 3650g 24ts

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  • Do i need cisco 3650g 24ts

    Hi All ,
    I'm noob in this so, if you give me some direction.
    We have 5 switch linksys srw224p , one on each floor. and company what supply us with equipment suggest us to buy cisco 3650g-24ts. This will be a central switch, all this linksys switches and 4 servers will be connected + router for internet.
    Now we have 40 users and we not host any web site or e-mail server, maybe in some close future(6-8 months).
    I think this is like to buy 911 carera to go in supermarket. i was thinking maybe to take linksys srw2024p what is 1000/100/10 switch.


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    Re: Do i need cisco 3650g 24ts


    Actually do you refer to Cisco Catalys 3560G 24ts?
    If I were you I wold buy Linksys srw2024p switch. It will do a good job as a core switch and the price is much lower (+3k the Cisco Catalyst and <1k the Linksys).
    I say this also since all the rest of yor swich are Linksys and your network not seems to have high level requirements.
    Csaba Papp
    MCSA+messaging, MCSE, CCNA
    Remember to give credit where credit is due and leave reputation points where appropriate


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      Re: Do i need cisco 3650g 24ts

      Yes I was thinking on Cisco catalys 3560G-24ts, and thanks for your opinion. But now i found that this linksys srw2024p is 2layer switch, did any one know some good 3layer linksys switches ?