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How to configure 2 leased lines in Cisco PIX 515e ?

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  • How to configure 2 leased lines in Cisco PIX 515e ?


    Sort of complicated designing task I got. Please have a look at following scenario of mine.

    Problem: How to configure 2 leased line on Cisco 515E PIX

    Description: In my environment I have

    -1 Cisco 1841 router with WIC2-T card.
    -1 Cisco 515E PIX
    - 1 leased line is already configured and used for VPN access and for internet

    Proposed Scenario Need to configure additional leased line to divert HTTP/Internet traffic on new line. Existing VPN will remain on existing link.

    Conclusion after Googling:
    - I need 6.3.3 version os in my PIX
    - Policy based NATing will be used

    Doubts After upgrading os will I be able to use Policy based NAT feature for sure? Any1 tried this before? Or shall I purchase additional ethernet card for PIX?
    I have configured Public WAN IP on router as usual. And configured fa 0/1 int and connected cable to PIX's 3rd port. Havent configured PIX's 3rd ethernet which is reserved for DMZ. But we are not using DMZ.

    Any hints, clues on this ?

    Goal is to configure new link in such a way that all HTTP traffic will go through this new line while existing VPN will remain as it is.

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