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cisco network assistant

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  • cisco network assistant

    hi all,

    ive installed CNA and its working great except that the device manager option isnt working on any of our switches or routers. From what ive read i can use SDM on our routers which will give me a gui interface to the routers but shouldnt i be able to have a gui interfaces all my devices thru the Cisco network assistant.

    thanks in response

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    Re: cisco network assistant


    Technically, the device manager option in CNA is not a management gui built into CNA. All it does is open a web browser to the device which, in turn, will load the SDM from that device.
    In order for that to work, your router config will have to enable https/SDM access.
    The switches should just bring up their web based interface. My 2960's have a nice web based interface that's enabled by default. Even my older 2924 has a web interface that's all text.

    This also assumes you're logging into the devices. When you open your community, you should be prompted for the login credentials for the devices in that community.

    Hope this helps!