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Cisco ASA 5505 Web Issue

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  • Cisco ASA 5505 Web Issue

    Hello guys,

    I am in a desperate need of help with the small office network I am currently administering. I have the following setup: Cisco Catalyst Switch and Cisco ASA 5505. The ASA 5505 acts as a network firewall to filter ISP traffic. The ASA also employs DHCP to feed the PCs on the inside with real IP addresses. Upon initial boot of the whole configuration everything seems to run smoothly - each PCs connects to the internet ans is assigned a real IP address from the pool. After no more than an hour of normal operation the computers lose their Web access. Everything else works fine - ICQ, Skype, Ping, etc. A friend suggested the problem might be with the DNS servers. However, my backup router has no problem with them.
    I would really appreciate if somebody comes up with a solution!! Please, help me out, guys!