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Dongles work across vlans?

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  • Dongles work across vlans?

    Hi folks,

    Have a situation where we use those annoying dongles and licensmanager to issue license keys to software such as Autocad.

    I am vlanning our network client pc would be on vlan 99 which would be IP example 10.50.21.x (via dhcp)

    Our servers are still in the native vlan 1 (10.10.1.x) the machines can ping and access each other such as network shares etc with no issues. but as soon as that client was moved into the new vlan 99 the dongle from vlan 1 server did not seem to work cause the user woudl launch the autocad and it would crash. I put the user back into the vlan 1 and he was ood to go.

    I also have a new vlan for servers vlan 2 (10.50.1.x)
    I also tried the server in the new vlan while the user was in vlan 99 and his acad would not work .

    any hints tips etc?

    p.s. My network hard ware is: cisco core 4507, and 3500 series catalyst switches.
    Last edited by PLANZ; 18th April 2008, 20:12. Reason: forgot to include hard ware info