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Simple (?) QoS of an outbound port with Cisco 857 router

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  • Simple (?) QoS of an outbound port with Cisco 857 router

    I have several people with IP extension phones for our PBX at their homes. They connect to the office via an OpenVPN link, which was easy to setup without updating their home routers. I'm not concerned at this point (or able to control) QoS at that end, but I know I can do it on my Cisco router at the office. I just don't know how .

    I would like to make outbound UDP traffic with destination port 1194 higher priority than other outbound traffic, as this is carrying only the OpenVPN VOIP traffic.

    It seems like it should be straight forward, but I'm not sure where to start (I have limited CISCO configuration experience, I can configure some NAT and static routes, even some security, but that's it so far...)

    Any hints, pointers, articles to read, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I just need a little direction, what commands I should be looking for, and I can research and try it out.