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Are these errors or what?

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  • Are these errors or what?

    When I extracted a .tar file to update an old switch, when it was expanding the files I would see things like this: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O! !!!!!!!!!
    It happened on a lot of files. I have never seen it before. I've only see all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!.

    Are those bad spots? errors? Is my switch about to crash? Do I need to reformat? Can I reformat? HELP!


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    Re: Are these errors or what?

    I may just mean a dropped packet (or is that segment/frame?), did you set the link speed and duplex at both ends before tftp? The switch will checksum the file before loading so it shouldn't be something to worry about. What happened when it finished? Did you have a problem then?

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      Re: Are these errors or what?

      Do you mean thay you saw that when you were loading the new file to the switch? If so, that is simply a progress indicator.

      Or do you mean that you unzipped the file and saw that during the unzip? If so, what did you use to unzip it?


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        Re: Are these errors or what?

        I got the !!!!!!!O!!!!!! when I did the command:

        archive tar /xtract tftp:// flash:

        so when it starts expanding the files usually all you see are !!!!!!!!!.

        but now I occassionly see the O pop in their like !!!!!!!!!!O!!!!!!!!!!!!. I've updated 3 switches lately. All are like 8 years old. All of them have the same !!!!!O!!!!!! in a lot of the files. However after it is all done, the switches do appear to work normally.....