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Cisco 851 VPN site to site How to???

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  • Cisco 851 VPN site to site How to???

    Hello there,
    I have two cisco 851 routers and i need to create a Site to Site VPN between them to connect two offices through internet. Well the problem is that i am noob with cisco stuff and i don't really understand the way the site to site VPN works. I have read some cisco manuals but their refering using terminal as a way of configuring it. I tried through SDM but each time i try to test the VPN an error message appears:

    "The tunnel traffic destination must be routed through the crypto map interface. The following destination(s) are routed through non-crypto map interface. 1)"

    "Go to 'Configure->Routing' and Correct the routing table."

    When i go to routing to add the ip address it shows me an error message "Inconsitent Ip address or Subnet Mask" It only accept
    By the way i want to configure this using dynamic dns for the static ip. I have already registered two accounts for the dyndns.
    The cisco LAN IPs are on both offices (the two offices have two different ADSL and are located in different places).

    What should i do? Please i am coming to my limits with this thing! Thanks for any Help!

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    Re: Cisco 851 VPN site to site How to???

    I'm no expert, but I think they need different IPs, as they'll be connected to the same network after the VPN is up and running.
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      Re: Cisco 851 VPN site to site How to???

      Can you post configs (changing the public IP and info about passwords etc)?

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