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Switch and Router Connectivity and Static Routes

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  • Switch and Router Connectivity and Static Routes

    Hi i am a newb.

    I have the following setup, all

    Laptop(<>Catalyst 2970 (GE0/23<>Cisco 1811 ((FE0 (FE1

    This is all behind a firewall off the Cat 2970. The Catalyst 2970 has been working like a champ since before I started this job. The Cisco 1811 is new. I was given it and told to put a small stub network on it ( I configured quite a bit on the 1811 but am stumped on the static routing.

    Number 1. From the laptop ( of coarse I can ping the Cat 1811 FE0 (, but not FE1 ( Do I need to configure something on the Cat 2970? I didn't think I needed to since its a switch.

    Number 2. Or is I just need to configure a static route on the 1811. From the 1811 cli I can ping the laptop and both FE0 and FE1 and also a desktop ( plugged into FE1.

    Any consideration of my problem will garner provider cheers of good luck to his or hers future success, health and offspring.


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    Re: Switch and Router Connectivity and Static Routes

    When pinging from the router try doing an extended ping with the source as the Fe1 interface. My guess is the ping will fail. Make sure you have ip routing enabled on the router. If I remember correctly this is on by default so as long as you don't have it turned off it should work. I am assuming you have not had two networks previously and the catalyst only has the network attached. You will need to configure an ip default gateway on the catalyst using the IP address of the router FE0 interface as the gateway. The switch does not perform routing so it has no idea where to find the other network so you need the gateway defined.


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      Re: Switch and Router Connectivity and Static Routes


      I'll try the extnded ping when I get in today. And check for IP routing.

      I wanted to give a little more detail on my steup:

      My current network is set up as follows:
      SonicWall Firewall ( attached to our ISP T1 router.
      A Catalyst 2970 (GE0/23 attached to the LAN port of the SonicWall FW.
      My laptop ( and various other equipment attached to the Cat 2970. The default gateway is the SonicWall Firewall.
      This all works fine.

      I am now adding a new Cisco 1811 ((FE0 to a port on the 2970. The 1811 will host a new network,
      - (FE1

      Since the current default gateway is the SonicWall firewall, are you saying I need a second gateway, on the Cat 2970 pointing to the 1811 for the network?



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        Re: Switch and Router Connectivity and Static Routes

        No, you don't want to move your default route from your ISP. If you want to route between the networks then you will need to connect them to a device capable of routing. A layer two switch will not route between subnets. You could connect the 1811 to both networks and route between them.