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VLAN assigment based on MAC address?

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  • VLAN assigment based on MAC address?

    Hello all. I'm new to the forum and fairly new to Cisco as well so bear with me. I've STF and didn't find exactly what I'm looking for so here goes.

    My setup looks something like this. I have a Cisco 3560G as a core switch and Catalyst Express 500's as my remote switches throughout the building. I am about to deploy an open-source firewall/router called Smoothwall Express mainly for content filtering and some client separation. The Smoothwall has separate interfaces called Green (i.e. private, internal, safe) and Purple (i.e. "guests"). I've got two VLANs on all my switches: default (1) and public (10). Here's what I want to do...

    I want my internal/employee client machines to be on the default VLAN which would use DHCP off my DC. They would travel "out" the Smoothwall via the Green interface which is attached to a port-based VLAN of default-1. I want guests who plug into our various outlets throughout the building to be dynamically assigned to the public VLAN10 if they don't have a pre-specified "trusted" MAC address. That way, they would be on the public VLAN10, get their IP via DHCP on the Smoothwall, and go "out" via the Purple interface attached to a port-based VLAN of 10. Thereby giving me client separation of possible rogue machines that physically hook into our network.

    Long story short, can I enter a list of "trusted" MAC addresses that are dynamically assigned to VLAN1 while those not in the trusted list are assigned to VLAN10?

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    Re: VLAN assigment based on MAC address?

    anybody? I know everyone is probably as busy as I am.