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  • Home lab setup

    Hello. I have a question regarding my Cisco as2511-rj access server in my home lab. What cables do I use in the async ports to connect to the other routers in my rack? Keep in mind this is NOT the standard 2511 model that uses the octal cables. It has 16 rj async ports instead. Are they straight through cables? I bought it because I was told that it was a lot easier to have it than having to constantly move a rollover cable around to each router. I just put this lab together and I'm still pretty new at this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Home lab consists of:

    2 - Cisco 2950 switches
    1 - Cisco as2511-rj access server
    1 - Cisco 2524 router
    1 - Cisco 2522 router (for frame relay)
    1 - CIsco 2516 router
    1 - Cisco 2514 router
    1 - Cisco 2507 router
    1 - APC AP9210 master switch (for remote access to the lab)

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    Re: Home lab setup

    Hi There

    You will (as far as I know) require rollover cables to connect your 2511RJ to teh console ports on your lab routers.

    A rollover cable is where the wires at each end of the cable are totally reversed to the other end.

    1 -------- 8
    2 -------- 7
    3 -------- 6
    4 -------- 5
    5 -------- 4
    6 -------- 3
    7 -------- 2
    8 -------- 1

    It is usually made with 8 wire flat (ribbon) cable.


    Best Regards,