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Site to site VPN ok but need direct rdp

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  • Site to site VPN ok but need direct rdp

    I have a head office site with 2 cisco routers. One has SDSL connection and a vpn site to site tunnel working ok to remote site. The other cisco router (877w) has the internet traffic/email and cisco vpn home users connected to it, again with no problems. I have been asked to allow a 3rd party software support company to have an rdp connection using valid ip addresses but when I try and add any NAT/static routes with their IP address to the TS server IP internally it either stops the VPN tunnel back to the remote site or the internet traffic fails on all the internal rdp connections.
    Firstly:Is it possible to have a NAT or static route at the same time as VPN/site to site configure? Secondly: If yes then any clues what I should add to the rules?

    Many thanks for your help,

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    Re: Site to site VPN ok but need direct rdp

    Yes, NAT or static route can coexists with a site to site VPN. You have to configure a static NAT for the rdp inbound connection. If you understand the basic NAT concept it is not so difficult
    Take a look into David Davi's article posted here
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