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Frame relay with VLANs and Destinaion NAT...HOW??

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  • Frame relay with VLANs and Destinaion NAT...HOW??

    Dear All,

    Good Day.......

    with regards tot he subject above help is required by Guru's for the followings:

    I have 2800 Cisco router with 3 serial interface and 2 etherne interface,
    DLL is terminating on S0/0 and frame relay is terminating on s0/1..
    e0/0 is in used for reserved network,
    e0/1 is to access DLL with 10.65.101.x class...

    for frmae relay ip on s0/1 is,

    now the story is DLL is not utlizing for internet, and frame rely is a P2P link which will used for SMPP.

    route from frame relay provider is ip route

    as per compani'es policy I can't add just an aditional IP on interface because its with internet...

    so my task is to create VLAN's on a switch (Cisco2950)
    define destination NAT on router and add routes and gateways ( e0/1 )
    sub interface on e0/1

    any one here can guide me what that how can compleate thease tasks???

    your vlaued feedback will be highly appreciated...