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Help? Setting up Cisco 877w (complete noobie)

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  • Help? Setting up Cisco 877w (complete noobie)

    Hi Guys

    Please have a look and see if you can help.

    This is kind of a unique scenario, so i just hope this can be done.
    Please note: I'm a complete noobie when it comes to this stuff.


    PC -----|Netgear Switch|-------------|Fortigate Router/Firewall|--- ADSL Internet

    So firstly: I have about 20 pc's connected to a netgear switch on ip range 10.1.14.*
    A Fortigate router/firewall also connects to the switch. This router is used for the Internet connection. It has a static ip of

    Problems: The Fortigate router is a 3rd party installation from our ISP. I have absolutly no admin rights on this router. Everything was 100% till a few days ago when my MD said he needs facebook blocked. This can be done easily on the Fortigate Router/Firewall ( I presume ) but , because it's "3rd party" managed, it is extremely expensive. Their asking us a huge amount of money each month to block ONE URL.

    so, in conclusion: This kinda gave me an idea. I have a Cisco 877w Router/Firewall collecting dust in storage. What I thought (hopefully possible) is to set this 877 up between the netgear switch and the fortigate router to do some URL Filtering. Is this possible? How do I set this up? I've tried and tried and tried, with no luck!

    Any ideas guys? Any tips?

    I have never setup, configured or even looked at the console of a cisco router. HELP PLEASE.
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