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CRC on Catalyst switch

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  • CRC on Catalyst switch

    Dear all;

    i am using cat sw 2950 that is interfacing my local network and having many VLANs inside inbound interface.

    i have a problem on this network as the port that is connected to certain LAN shut down and causing trouble for some department in communicating with core network.all what i do to solve this problem is to no shut down the port.

    i have noticed CRC is 6 when i tried to show the status of the interface but i dun have any guidelines on how to trace the cause of the problem and what CRC value means and does high CRC value causes the port to shut down.

    i am seeking for any guidelines or tutorial to trace this problem.

    FYI; the network does have mutli-vendor switches that is connected to this CAT SW.


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    Re: CRC on Catalyst switch

    Could be bad cable, mismatch duplex mode, bad port etc. Is portfast and bpdu guard enabled on this port? If it is remove it as it should only be enabled on ports connected to hosts (servers, workstations etc) What is the other side of the trunk saying? Check your logs , trunk configurations. You need to do some troubleshooting.
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