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  • Stp

    Dear all;
    it is my first post to this magnificent forum .

    i have been requested by my company to implement STP in the network. the network is using switches that does not support STP (we use them to manage VLANS and backhauling our n/w).

    I successfully could test STP on catalyst SW but when i connected them to exiting switches (that does not support STP) the STP seems not working and i got stuck at this point.

    i am not sure coz of multi-vendor issue or anything else.

    i am seeking your high assistance on this as i still need to use those bulky switches and can not simply replace all of them with any other switches like cat.


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    Re: Stp

    You have switches that dont support stp? I find this very hard to believe as even junk non managed linksys switches use stp. Are you using hubs? I believe its time for an upgrade.
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      Re: Stp

      What is the make & model of the switches that you are using?
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        Re: Stp

        I don't understand this post. You state that the switches don't support STP and then you ask why you can't get STP to work? Does this make sense to anyone? My suggestion is to pore through the vendor documentation and if you find that the switches in fact do not support STP, then get some that do.