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Configure static routes

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  • Configure static routes

    I will start by saying-- I am extremly new to Cisco
    -thanks for your patience
    learning configurations

    My goal is to have router 1 "see" router 2

    I have 2 Cisco 1700 series-
    Both hooked in to my pc VIA console cables
    port 1 and port 2

    Both hooked into a switch w/cat5e (ethernet port on routers)

    I have performed erase start
    Performed configs

    router 1 IP
    router 2 ip

    attempted static- no go
    enabled RIP no go
    RIP debuging on - no activity

    Question how should I set up to allow for communication (ping) from 1 router to the other?

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    Re: Configure static routes

    The routers will not communicate as they are on different subnets (even though they are on the same switch). Even if you configure their ethernet interfaces to use the same subnet they will not route as each one knows it is directly connected to the subnet and does not need to route to the other router. You need to connect them via their WAN interfaces and then set up routing. You can create a frame-relay back-to-back connection to facilitate this. Search the Cisco web site to find out how to set up a frame-relay back-to-back connection.