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Cisco and Juniper Network implementation

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  • Cisco and Juniper Network implementation

    My company is stuck on using Netscreen Firewalls and Cisco switches, and it is causing some headaches for me. Here is the scenario.

    1- Netscreen 204 ( eth1, eth2, eth3, eth4)
    2- Cisco Catalyst 4500
    3- Cisco Catalyst 2950
    4- Just bought 2 Cisco Aironet 1200 AP's.

    What we are trying to accomplish:

    1- eth1 = WAN1 | eth2 = WAN2 | eth3 = WAN3 | eth4 = LAN (
    2- We have a windows 2003 server setup as a DHCP server.
    3- There will be VPN tunnels setup on the WAN links to our data center as well as remote sites, that is not a problem I have done that.
    4- I want to create VLAN's for different dept's as well as "one" specific VLAN for the visitor's wireless and keep their traffic completely separate from us.
    5- Netscreen 204 does not allow me to create sub interfaces.
    6- Can I just create VLAN's on the Cisco switch like (Servers), (Everyone), etc?
    7- If I do that how the "dhcp" setup will work? Will I have to create different scopes on the server or will I have to setup DHCP in the switch for each vlan?

    Any pointers, links etc will be greatly appreciated.

    PS: I found this article by David Davis will this work on a Catalyst 4500 switch?
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    Re: Cisco and Juniper Network implementation

    Wow I am kinda disappointed not even a one line reply. But any ways I was able to do it.