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  • Modules for 2610

    I'm studying for the CCNA and just bought a 2610 router as testbed. I'm new to "real" networking gear. Current setup is soho, but training for larger networks.

    Network setup

    Cable modem > linksys wrt series router >couple unmanaged gigabit switches> 2610 w/ ethernet 0/0 static addressed.

    I want to be able to put the 2610 as the natting router and turn the linksys in to just an AP. 10+mbps inbound connection w/ ~1mbps upstream. What cards would I need to be able to do that? Other possible setup is using the 2610 to segment my servers from the laptops and workstations with as much throughput between workstation gig switch and server gig switch.

    Tried google but got lost in the sea.

    Many thanks for your assistance.

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    Re: Modules for 2610

    Your going to need another ethernet interface for your 2610 as they only come with one. One will be connected to your cable modem out to the internet and the other to your local lan. So you will need to purchase a NM-1E or NM-1FE.
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      Re: Modules for 2610

      As I understand it, one NM card fills the slot. So if I had the router separating my servers from workstations into two different subnets, I would be limited by the e 0/0 10 mbit connection correct? Are the WIC card slots are only for outbound connections like say a t1? Inside enterprise networks, would they just connect between routers with fiber?

      Sorry for my noobish questions, like I said I'm just getting started w/ real networking, used to designing more consumerish networks but I'm eager to learn.