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starting a Cisco 2600 from scratch

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  • starting a Cisco 2600 from scratch

    I'm currently studying for the CCNA exam, and I've got the use of a CISCO 2600 Router. I've been trying to start by simply connecting to the 2600, in order to work on IOS. I have a rollover cable, I'm using Vista, I've added Hyperterminal.
    I can't seem to be able to connect.
    Hyper terminal only gives me the option of COM3 or TCP/IP to connect, but I've no idea what IP address may be on the 2600.
    I'm a complete amateur at this, and would appreciate any advice in order to get going.

    Rgds Verezano

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    Re: starting a Cisco 2600 from scratch

    If you've got a console cable, you're going to need that before the router has ANY IP addresses. Set hyperterminal (or other terminal emulation program like SecurCRT) to 9600-N-8-1 and connect. From there the default enable password should be blank. If not you're going to have to look up password recovery procedures on the Cisco site or via the oracle of Google.

    We all started sometime - good luck!


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      Re: starting a Cisco 2600 from scratch

      Thanks Casual, my problem was I just had a rollover cable with RJ45s on each end so was trying see if it was possible to work it some way through the LAN. Since then I found a 9pin adaptor, so now I'm in business.
      Well at least I cann access the router.
      Rgds BM