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Cat 2950-24 won't start

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  • Cat 2950-24 won't start

    Hello folks, steadily working my way through a grave yard of bits and found what appears to be a complete 2950. When I boot it up, here's what I get:

    What is causing it to freeze at this point? I have approximately zero experience of this, as the only thing I've seen die on a Cat before is the PSU!

    As I said earlier, I have no idea what the provenance of this baby is, it was at the bottom of a very very dusty old rack.

    I've done my best by plodding through all the netacad modules and surfing around, but can't actually work out which bit is biting the dust. Any suggestions to help me troubleshoot to resolution will be much appreciated.
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    Re: Cat 2950-24 won't start


    I watched the excellent 'how to' vid in the sticky "Cisco Router or Switch PASSWORD RESET instructions" and gave the <ctrl> <brk> a go. Kudos to Mr D for this vid.

    It cleared the previous sticking problem and now correctly goes into SWITCH> prompt everytime - dunno if that was the cure or pure coincidence, but hey, I'm happy.

    I'll post back if things go awry when I try to load a decent config on it. (Second thoughts, I'd prob be better off posting a new thread).