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Cisco FXS / Call Manager - Security Question

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  • Cisco FXS / Call Manager - Security Question

    Hey all,

    Not so sure where to post this cause it's more of a voice question then routing or switching, but figured some of you may know this if you have voice experience.

    At my company I am looking to tie in a security/door system into the Call Manager, running 5.1, we just installed a couple months ago. I have never done this but I know it's possible using an FXS card. I imagine it's by setting up the card using it as an H323 or MGCP gateway, giving it a directory number and tying it to the phones it will be ringing on. Something of this sort, I am just unaware on how to exactly do this. Possibly "hookflash" to send the signal??

    Ultimately, the goal is to have 5 phones ring when someone buzzes the front door, and then pressing the digit 5 or something to unlock the door. The old PBX system did it this way, and we have everytyhing setup still the same, it would just be a matter of plugging the analog line into the Voice Gateway/FXS card and then configuring the phones and FXS card to do this.

    I know I am close, but does anyone have any experience doing this? Thanks a bunch!