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CISCO VLANs/DHCP Server/Multi-vendor Environment

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  • CISCO VLANs/DHCP Server/Multi-vendor Environment

    I am trying to create 3 VLANs on a CISCO2950 switch (,, I plan to use the router-on-a-stick concept with a CISCO2801 in place. I have couple of questions regarding this:

    1) Can I configure dhcp server on the cisco 2801 router to serve all the 3 vlans? I want all the 3 VLANs to be able to communicate with each other. And the PCs connected to each VLAN should get an appropriate IP address. Can someone provide sample code on how to configure the DHCP server on the router with multiple scopes (each working for a spearate VLAN)?

    2) I have a multi-vendor environment with 3 additional Netgear GS-724T switches on the LAN. If I split the CISCO 2950 switch into 3 VLANS (VLAN A ports 1-8, VLAN B ports 9-16, VLAN C ports 17-24), can I add one netgear switch to each vlan by simply hooking them up to ports on the 2950 switch which belong to the the appropriate VLAN? Would I have to enable trunking on the netgear switches as well? Or is it as simple as plug and play?

    My questions might be a bit too complicated. Please let me know if you need clarification!

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    Re: CISCO VLANs/DHCP Server/Multi-vendor Environment

    Yes you can create multiple dhcp scopes on your router.

    ip dhcp pool VLAN1
    domain-name "your name"
    dns-server "your dns"
    default-router "ip address" (gateway for clients)
    lease "your lease time"

    Just repeat for the remaining scopes.

    Not sure how trunking is handled on the netgear switches. 2 cisco switches will form a trunk dynamically as all ports are set to dynamic desirable by default.
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      Re: CISCO VLANs/DHCP Server/Multi-vendor Environment

      Hi There

      I would think that trunking with the netgear switches would not be a issue, as from what I understand from your post you are going to have each of the 3 netgear switches attached to only 1 VLAN. Am I Correct?

      You would only require trunking with the netgear switches if you were looking to have multiple VLANS on them (not sure if your netgear switches even support this).

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        Re: CISCO VLANs/DHCP Server/Multi-vendor Environment

        Since the Netgear GS-724T is able to set up port trunk you just have to make sure that the port trunk encapsulation is dot1q and not isl on your Cisco switch .
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