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SDM upgrade tanked....

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  • SDM upgrade tanked....

    I was upgrading an 1841 router to the latest version of SDM (2.4.1) via the update option on the older version of SDM v2.3. Well, the upgrade erased the old version and failed to copy the files for the new version to the router.

    The PC installation went fine and I can access the router via SDM from my PC, but I'm kinda PO'ed that the router install bombed. I tied to copy the SDM files directly to the router via the file management piece of the SDM (running from my PC), but it can't upload the files. The copy fails every time.

    What am I missing?


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    Re: SDM upgrade tanked....

    Hi AuxMax,
    I just noticed this post from a while back. How is this going?
    Could you transfer the files you needed using TFTP at the command line?

    I have trouble trusting SDM for anything more than basic monitoring, generating sample configs on a test router, and doing charts and graphs. But then you can call me "old school".

    I hope you have figured it out. If so, I would be curious to know your solution.

    All the best to you,
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      Re: SDM upgrade tanked....


      I just noticed a response to my post.

      At the time of this post, I was heavily dependent on the GUI frontend that SDM offers. However, as I've grown more comfortable with the CLI, I've started to "old school" it. Moreover, SDM seems to cause more issues in some configurations, so I've found myself heading towards the CLI, though some typing heavy configurations have benefited from theuse of SDM.

      To address the SDM upgrade failure, I still haven't figured out why the upgrade will not finish. Last I attempted the upgrade, I was pushing the upgrade through an ASA 5510 to the target device of a 1841. I believe simply plugging into the 1841 switch ports would probably resolve the issue, though I haven't had time to revisit this.

      Thanks for the response.