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Multicasting setup in Enterprise

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  • Multicasting setup in Enterprise


    Cisco Catalyst 2950's (no support for CGMP)
    Need to test and configure Multicasting without bringing down the production network.

    Any ideas, links etc will be great. I have the basic concept of multicasting but never implemented it. Will appreciate your help. Thanks.

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    Re: Multicasting setup in Enterprise

    Hi usits

    Thanks for the post! Good question

    I don't want to sound too harsh but if one of the admins in my group came to me and said that he had never done something (like multicast) before but wanted to test it on the production network, I would tell him absolutly not and to setup a test network that is completly off production.

    I suggest this book to learn more about it:

    You can read some of it online-

    Here is another link:

    Honestly, I have configured basic multicast for things like streaming VoIP music on hold but have never had the business need to work with it too much more than that. However, I would be glad to do my best to help you along the way and perhaps there are other members that can assist as well.

    All the best to you,
    David Davis - Petri Forums Moderator & Video Training Author
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      Re: Multicasting setup in Enterprise

      Thank you so much daviddavis for the links and your reply. Actually one of my really good friend is involved in this project and he has really good Cisco knowledge. He asked me if I am interested in doing some research and lending him a hand. This way I will be able to learn more about it too.

      So basically that is why I asked this question. There is no way I would try out any thing on my companies network and that is what I told him too. However they do not want to spend 1000's of dollars to buy test equipment so perhaps if there is a way to completely separate a network and test Multicasting on it without interfering with the production.

      Thanks so much again for your help.