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VPN on PIX-515E

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  • VPN on PIX-515E

    I have PIX-515E with 32 MB RAM, I have setup VPN on it and have setup on my laptop the VPN client version 4.0.

    The problem I am getting is, if I am on the internet using internet connection I can connect while when I use GRPS to connec to the internet, i get connection established but I can't access anything on internal network.

    what could be the problem here?


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    Re: VPN on PIX-515E

    Could you please post the config so we can get an idea what you have setup.
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      Re: VPN on PIX-515E

      Yes, a basic network diagram and config will always help.

      Also a few questions-
      1) when connected to the VPN, can you ping Internet IP's?
      2) Can you ping anything behind the firewall? by name or IP?
      3) have you had someone else try it from their PC?
      4) is this newly configured or was it working prior to this? did anyone make a change?

      Just some thoughts...
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