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Need Help in Designing Net work with CISCO

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  • Need Help in Designing Net work with CISCO

    Hi All,

    I am new to this site and new to CISCO. Currently one of our clients has a specific need. In his office he has around 215 systems over the net work with 9 Servers. Unfortunately, it is all in a normal workgroup environment (not domain). Most of the systems are Apple and they have a branch which is 5 kilometers away from the head office. They have a dedicated data link from their head office to branch provided by an ISP.

    Now the client wants to physically separate the existing net wok into two. All the windows PC will join into a Domain and all the Apple system will join into a work group (because most of the Apple systems are used for RIP stations).

    How can I design a net work for him?

    Can I use only one router for both the net works (let us say Class B & C)? How will the ISP able to link this network to the branch? (Currently it is a bridged connection). How will I configure the router if I use only one for the both networks (let us say a Cisco 2811 with three Ethernet ports). Do I have to use any extra router at the branch rather than the DSL router which is currently installed by the ISP?. In the branch office there would be both class C & B users (domain & non domain).

    Please help me in sorting out this.

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    Re: Need Help in Designing Net work with CISCO

    I am a bit confused on the ISP connection. You said it was a bridged connection but then you said there is a DSL router connected to the ISP.

    I suggest you start with a Visio diagram and lay it out. So the question is what to put where.

    What IP address scheme is in place now? you don't want to have to change it unless you have to.

    Here is my short answer (with a number of assumptions in my head about your network)
    - minimum - a 2811 with 2 ethernet - 1 to the LAN and all devices and 1 to the DSL router to the ISP - form a VPN site to site tunnel - with the DSL router or the 2811 performing the encryption (assuming this is an Internet circuit, not a private connection)
    - optional - do the same but get 3 ethernet on the 2811 and create VLANS for the Macs and PCs

    don't change any IP addresses unless you have to because you have outgrown your current range or you are going to change to VLANs

    domain users vs non domain users have nothing to do with the disucssion of how to lay out the network

    I hope that helps.

    Get back to us with some clarifications and I will be glad to assist more if needed.
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      Re: Need Help in Designing Net work with CISCO

      first of all not many people use classes anymore. i'd stop thinking about addresses in classes.

      next. i'd use a vlan to segment the windows and the apple pcs. that would allow you to use a switch and a single port on a router.

      can you elaborate how things are setup currently? do they have a switch? is it a simple layer2 switch? is it more than a layer2 switch?

      as for connecting the two sites, personally, i'd go for a uniformity. if you're going for an 2811, get another cisco router.

      i also agree with daviddavis (i've read your articles on tech republic btw, good stuff) don't change anything if you don't need to change anything. if things are working, try not to make any alterations to anything that doesn't need to be altered.

      i would also be sure and purchase a smartnet contract for the setup. this way you can always give cisco a call to help out. this is VERY useful if you're new to the realm of cisco and you need an answer ASAP.