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CISCO PIX 510 Firewall

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  • CISCO PIX 510 Firewall

    hi there,
    Is CISCO PIX 510 Firewall is also a Router?
    If I have Cable modem connected to internet at my home, Can I connect CISCO PIX to Cable modem and get the DHCP Public IP from Cable Modem and then act as DHCP server for my LAN hosts and provide NAT/VPN facilitieis?

    Data Sheet

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    Re: CISCO PIX 510 Firewall

    im confused but ill state some facts and hopefully it will answer your question.

    a pix CAN receive a dynamic IP from its WAN link.
    a pix CAN act as a DHCP server for its hosts.
    a pix CAN act as a NAT/VPN machine


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      Re: CISCO PIX 510 Firewall

      Hi Data Sheet,

      Ifoam is right - it can serve your needs, it sounds like.

      A PIX is not really a router - it is a firewall. However, a PIX does route and, in your scenario, it would probably do all you need and more.

      The PIX isn't going to have the WAN interfaces (like T1) that a router could have.

      Let us know if that helped or if you need more info.

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