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  • 877 ADSL Router

    I have replaced a damaged router with a Cisco 877.

    I have managed through a mixtuire of SDM, IOS and help from a friend to get the thing working, and I thought I had configured the firewall, but when I look at the firewall section in SDM it says:

    IOS Firewall: Inactive( from Dialer0 {ATM0.1} to VLAN1)

    In all other aspects the Firewall is reported to be active.

    How do I activate it?


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    Re: 877 ADSL Router

    Hi Ian,

    In general, the firewall is activated with a command like this on the interface that you want it enabled on:

    ip inspect MYFW out

    It doesn't have to be active on all interfaces, just the one facing the Internet.

    I hope that helps. If you have more questions on how to configure it, please post your config.

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