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how to mask a bit for ip address

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  • how to mask a bit for ip address

    Hello all
    i want to restrict user for using internet, for that i want to give access to only ip range like tp 20 and to 20 for that hoe to decide subnet address so that only 20 people in that range can access internet.

    explain the method for subnet these bits

    Thank you

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    Re: how to mask a bit for ip address

    Do I understand that you want to restrict about 20 users on your internal network from accessing the Internet except for a range of IP addresses from to and to

    Or you have a range of Internal IP addresses[/B] to and to that you want some 20 users in that range to have Internet access?

    Is that it or have I got one or both the senarios completley wrong? What is the final aim you wish to achieve with your quetion that I don't understand?
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      Re: how to mask a bit for ip address

      I like this article:

      If I understand correctly (doubtful), your request for 20 addresses isn't gonna work as it's not a correct subnet mask.

      You can do 30 or 14 (32 and 16 but top addr is broadcast id and bottom addr is network id).

      Also don't forget to include your gateway IP into the range leaving one less IP for your machines:

      Using your example:

      Subnet mask =
      Network ID =
      Host range = -
      Broadcast Address =


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