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Linking Cisco 2811 to Cisco 1841 via fe 0/0

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  • Linking Cisco 2811 to Cisco 1841 via fe 0/0

    Hi to all. I am new to Cisco routers and just managed to find this forum. I have two Cisco routers that I have to connect together. I am using the SDM web interface.

    The 1841 is connected to the web and the port 0/0 is configured as IP mask of

    I have a 2811 - port fe 0/1 is configured for traffic for internal lan mask of My gateway is on another server.

    I would like to connect port fe 0/0 of the 2811 to port 0/0 of the 1841. I configured the 2811 as ip and nothing else. I connected the two routers with a crossover cable. I tried to set a nat for all 10 traffic to be translated to the but not working. I tried to do a route too but nothing. I am not sure what to do.

    Can someone please guide me and tell me what i have done wrong as I cant get the two routers connected to talk to each another and then out to the internet.

    many thanks

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    Re: Linking Cisco 2811 to Cisco 1841 via fe 0/0

    HI fitzwater,

    So, when you connect the two with the crossover cable and do a no shutdown on the ethernet ports, do the ports come up?

    Do you get UP & UP on the show ip interface brief on both routers?

    If so, can you ping the & on both routers?


    That is where I would start. Don't worry about NAT or anything else at this point until you can get UP/UP and ping each side.

    If that doesn't work, put a switch between them. Maybe the cross over is no good.

    Let us know how it goes.

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      Re: Linking Cisco 2811 to Cisco 1841 via fe 0/0

      You shouldn't have NAT. Make sure you have a link light, and that the interfaces are up (if you do a sh int fa0 and sh int fa0/0 on the 1800 and 2800 respectively, the first couple lines should incldue the word up twice).

      If you ping do you get dots (.), or something else?
      Brian Desmond
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