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Finding an IP Address

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  • Finding an IP Address

    Here's the setup:

    One 6509 with FWSM and its 5 security contexts. Hosts are directly connected to the 6509, but are routed through security contexts.

    I have an IP address of one of the hosts off the router. The IP obviously wouldn't show up on the ARP table. I get the security context's outside IP when I do a sh ip route x.x.x.x.

    So, how do I find out which port contains the host with this IP? Am I out of luck without having a MAC?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Finding an IP Address

    Hi parklabel,

    Good question but I don't have any 6509 experience.

    Does anyone out there have any experience on the "big box" to help out our friend????
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      Re: Finding an IP Address

      Show arp on the firewall to get the mac and then paste that into sh mac-addr | inc blah where blah is the mac in the dotted (0000.1111.2222) format on the 6500. Should give you the port.
      Brian Desmond
      Microsoft MVP - Directory Services