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1750 Router Beginner

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  • 1750 Router Beginner

    Hi Guys,

    My friend was nice enough to give me a Cisco 1750 router to learn the basics.
    I am looking for some advice on how to configure it to be a Cable modem router.
    I have absolutely zero experience with cisco.

    The only interface card in it is a CSU /DSU card.

    Will I need to purchase a LAN interface card and how hard is configuring the software ?

    I read the forum about how to reset the password and was able to preform that part.

    Now it seems to keep asking me "would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog?"

    I am totally lost. Can some one please help me ?


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    Re: 1750 Router Beginner

    Hi Tom,

    I believe that no matter how smart or computer-savy someone is, Cisco routers have a higher learning curve than the consumer-grade equipment you find at your local electronics store. Cisco has been trying to reduce that curve with some GUI tools. These GUI tools should be able to help you. The two I have in mind are:

    Cisco Security Device Manager
    Cisco Network Assistant

    I also highly recommend the Petri Knowledgebase and the Train Signal Cisco router videos. Out of all of these the videos, of course, have a cost but the others do not.

    You might start with downloading Cisco network assistant and/or SDM as these were designed to give Cisco routers a GUI interface.

    About your question when the router says "do you want to enter initial configuration dialog" - the router recognizes that it has no configuration. It is asking you if you want to run the "setup script", I'll call it. The setup script will ask you a series of questions to help you more quickly configure the router. You can do it, if you would like, its not a bad thing. So, you can say "yes" or "no".

    Say that you get your 2nd ethernet interface. You will have two ethernet interfaces. From there, you will want to config the following, minimally,
    - IP addresses on each Ethernet interface or config to use DHCP
    - enable both interfaces
    - put password on vty interface and enable secret password
    - a static route to your ISP or receive it via DHCP (DHCP preferred)
    - point your PC to your router with a default gateway or enable DHCP on the router to hand out IP addresses
    - what about a firewall? Do you want to use the router to do firewalling?

    As you move along in the config, post your questions in this forum.

    David Davis - Petri Forums Moderator & Video Training Author
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      Re: 1750 Router Beginner

      I bought a Single Port Ethernet WIC on Ebay for 50 bucks.

      When I install it the led is saying that it slot 0 is ok.

      However I can't get a link light on the NIC with a good cable, also when I run the setup utility it doesn't detect my card.

      Do I need to just enable the card in the software or something ?

      Did they send me a dead card ?

      Thanks in advance !


      Tom Poulos


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        Re: 1750 Router Beginner

        Is it a:

        Here is the list of compatible modules:

        Perhaps it requires a certain rev of the IOS. However, that is a longshot. More than likely, it is a dud.

        If you have another router, you could try it in that and see. If not, perhaps the person/company you bought it from on Ebay will replace it.

        The IOS should recognize it when it boots. After booting, do a
        show ip interface brief

        and you should see it listed there

        Let us know how it goes...

        David Davis - Petri Forums Moderator & Video Training Author
        Train Signal - The Global Leader in IT Video Training - Free IT Training Products
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          Re: 1750 Router Beginner

          So using the gui tools especially if you're studying for a test is a dumb idea. You can't use them on the test and you certainly aren't going to find anyone doing anything with them on a corporate network.

          Say no to the do you want to run initial config or whatever - it too you'll never use.

          In oder for that card to come up you have to enable the interface, that is bring it out of the administratively down state it will be in by default.

          So if you have a prompt osmething like this:

          Router#conf t
          Router(config)#int e0
          Router(config-if)#no shut

          At this point assuming the interface is Ethernet0, it should come up. If not, post the output of show run, show int, show ver, and show inventory here.
          Brian Desmond
          Microsoft MVP - Directory Services