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Cisco vs Nortel Routers

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  • Cisco vs Nortel Routers

    I've always used Cisco Routers in the past and my supervisor at work just ordered 3 Nortel Routers instead of Cisco.

    It's my belief that was a big mistake, but nothing I can do about it and asking if anyone knows the difference between the Cisco IOS and the Nortel IOS.

    I don't think I'll be able to fix it if it breaks, but would like to know the difference if anyone knows.

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    Re: Cisco vs Nortel Routers

    To be honest it's just a question of command set and features. I wouldn't worry about the Nortel boxes, they are very good and have a lower price point. If you understand the way, say, OSPF works on a Cisco you will quickly understand how the Nortel does it.

    If you are still worried then demand training

    Being able to have a multi-vendor skill set will only make you more attractive to future employer's. I for one recently worked on a load of BigIP F5 boxes, and they rock! It's good to look over the Cisco fence, and remember if Cisco are not in the top 2 of a technology they just dump it and run... look at DSLAMs.



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      Re: Cisco vs Nortel Routers

      I'm not worried about the features as much as the commands. I'm sure it's a good router, it's new, our old one was at least 7 years old if not older from what I've been told.

      My concern is if line goes down or something needs to be added quickly, I probably won't be able to do it unless the commands are similar to ciscos. We're a small company and used RIP before for our 3 routers. Can't remember if that's an open source protocol or Cisco's.

      The vendor is comming out to program the routers, which I wanted to do if they were cisco's, but I'm just asking for the future, are they totally different commands from cisco or is it fairly easy to figure out.


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        Re: Cisco vs Nortel Routers

        RIP is an open standard so everything will integrate just fine. However if your network uses IGRP or EIGRP then you might have a problem, but nothing that redistribution will not fix.

        Other than that ask for the documentation and set an expectation with your boss. I find that people respond well to setting a deadline to learning and then requesting time to meet it. I think Nortel docs are online, but you might need a customer account to access them. They were the last time I configured an Alteon Load balancer.

        Good luck with your kit...