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Getting started with Cisco VoIP

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  • Getting started with Cisco VoIP

    as per the title i want to get my hands on some Cisco VoIP kit and start learning more about this amazing technology.

    i plan to get an ISDN 2e line installed into my office and then purchase a 2801 (more exactly (2801 Voice Bundle w/ PVDM2-8 FL-CCME-24 SP Serv 64F/256D). I already have 2x7960 and plan to get a 7970 and a few cheaper 7912 so i have a number of different phones to play around with.

    A few questions i have if anyone can help!

    1. how do i get the 2801 to interface with my ISDN? do i need an ISDN WIC?
    2. Do i need to purchase an AIM-CUE in order to have voicemail features on my system?
    3. will i need anything else?!

    if anyone has any good advice on what kit to get to run a VoIP lap that would be great. if you feel i would be fine with the 2801 voice bundle or if i need anything else do let me know and i look forward to getting my teeth into this!!

    many thanks

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    Re: Getting started with Cisco VoIP

    Hi Ryancole,

    Thanks for the question.

    I'll tell you up front that I haven't yet had the pleasure to setup a Cisco VOIP lab like this but I think it is very cool, what you are doing.

    What I know I have learned by reading. I found that, with the bundle, yes you would have to buy an ISDN 2E card to go in the 2801. And, yes, you would also have to get the AIM-CUE if you want to get voicemail.

    Here is a blurb from Cisco on it:
    Q. What is Cisco Unity Express?
    A. Cisco Unity Express offers local voicemail and automated-attendant capabilities for IP phone users connected to Cisco Unified CallManager or Cisco Unified CallManager Express for small or midsize offices or branch locations. Cisco Unity Express is fully integrated into the branch-office router either on a network module (part numbers NM-CUE and NM-CUE-EC [enhanced capacity]) or an AIM (part number AIM-CUE), providing up to 250 mailboxes. Cisco Unity Express is supported on Cisco 2800 and 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers, as well as the widely deployed Cisco 2600XM Series, the Cisco 2691 Multiservice Platform, and Cisco 3700 Series Multiservice Access Routers.
    While I believe all this to be true, I would love to hear from anyone else out there who already has experience with setting up a small voip lab like this.

    Are there any other members who have done this?

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      Re: Getting started with Cisco VoIP

      thanks for that david, it's given be a good place to start.

      i have purchase an ISDN WIC card (nice and cheap on ebay!) and will get the ISR in the next few days. i think i'm just gonna have to bite the bullet and buy the equipment and see what i can do with it!

      one thing i forgot to ask in my main post is, will i be able to upgrade the version of the IOS on the ISR after i have purchased. at the moment i plan to only get the voice bundle but in future want to get the security features (to replace our PIX!) is that do-able? you just pay an upgrade cost?

      thanks again and i'll keep everyone posted on the VoIP lab!


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        Re: Getting started with Cisco VoIP

        Ahh Yes, Ryan.

        Cisco would just -love- to sell you an upgrade!

        Keep up posted - sounds like you have a fun project ahead of you.
        David Davis - Petri Forums Moderator & Video Training Author
        Train Signal - The Global Leader in IT Video Training - Free IT Training Products
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