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Can 2 ADSL modules work simultaneously...

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  • Can 2 ADSL modules work simultaneously...

    i have a cisco 2811..with two adsl modules.
    One of the two modules works, but i havent attempted to configure the second one yet(tomorrow morning). will it work? i assume it will, and with no problems!
    my main question is, incase it does work, how will i configure the routing in such a way that the networks clients can use both connections? my router has 2 f/a ports. both have seperate ip's. what comes to my mind is to put both f/a ports in a vlsm, and "kinda"split the network. but thats not what i want. I want all the hosts to be part of one big subnet, and at the end of this subnet to be the adsl modules, and the hosts to be able to use either one according to the usage of each line...Is it possible???

    thanks in advance!

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    Re: Can 2 ADSL modules work simultaneously...

    ok, so maybe i found the answer myself. it has to do with configuring the load balancing.
    just need some reassurance.

    i would configure 2 static routes, i.e,:

    ip route atm1
    ip route atm2

    and supposidly, using this config, i would be implementing load balancing with a 0% utilization, RIGHT? ?