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connecting to a 2950 cisco thru console port

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  • connecting to a 2950 cisco thru console port


    How can I make a console cable if we don't have one? What other ways can I connect to this switch?

    We have 2950 switches hooked up to each other and we have to change the configuration. I fanyone knows how to do this in an easy way (mind you I don't even know the IP address just the passwords)

    Does anyone know how I can safely try and connect to this switch using the console port or maybe there are other means?

    Once connected to the console port what commands do I use to connect?

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    Re: connecting to a 2950 cisco thru console port

    If you DO know the usernames and passwords, but not the IP address, just use NetScan to find the IP addresses.

    Then telnet in via the IP and do what you need to do.

    You can connect via console, auxiliary, or telnet/ssh/etc.

    But asking what commands to run to "connect" once plugged in tells me that perhaps you're even more of a novice than I. I would greatly suggest a class and/or basic CCNA books in that case.



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      Re: connecting to a 2950 cisco thru console port

      Make a rollover cat-5 cable and connect it to a RJ45/9pin connector.

      wo,o,wg,g,wbl,bl,wbr,br to br,brw,bl,blw,g,gw,o,ow

      It will be a connector with a rj-45 jack in one end, and a female 9 pin serial connector on the other end.
      Most IT shops have one of these in a desk drawer somewhere.

      Use Hyperterminal or Teraterm to connect the thing to your laptop, and use COM1 serial, 9600 baud rate, 8bit for Data, No Parity, 1 Stop Bit, and No Flow Control

      Once that is set, your terminal session will connect by hitting "Enter"

      At that point, enter a password if it asks, then type "Enable" and enter a password when it asks again. From there, you can do anything you need.