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Which Switch to purchase ( TCO matters too )

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  • Which Switch to purchase ( TCO matters too )

    I want to purchase 48 port 10/100 switch with 2 uplink gig/100 mbps ports.
    Can anybody suggest any perticular model ? My budget is approx 1,100 US$ .

    I called local vendor to get price of Cisco 2960 48-TT model. I got price = 2000 US$...Thats a lot. At other hand price of 3COM Stack 3 / 4250 series switch is for 1,000 US$ only. But i am not sure how effectively it can support VLAN thing. ANybody out thers to sugegst any switch which can full fill my requirement ? D-Link
    layer II switches supports VLAN ?

    How about NetGear? Is it easy to create VLAN's in other switches than Cisco switches ? I never tried VLAN thing on other vendor specific switch before. Any comment ?

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    Updated : Just went through technical specification of 4200 ( 50 port ) switch .
    Link :

    It says only gigabyte ports can work as trunk and create 1 VLAN group. Thats actually sad. So i'll need to put all 48 users for specific group in that perticular switch .. How sad ....... Cisco switches are cool but too expensive..Damn Cisco !!!
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    Thank you,
    Amey Abhyankar.
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