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Cisco SLA Round Trip timer config

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  • Cisco SLA Round Trip timer config

    Hi ppl

    i am trying to find out a way to check that the connection we have with out service providers is not greater than a certain limit. We are taking from 2 foreign service providers, each having different time latency.

    I found out that RTT is used to check this time and if this is exceeded a report is sent. I found the way to configure it by using the ip sla monitor reaction-config and passing the paramenters there, but how this can be applied to 2 different ip's?


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    Re: Cisco SLA Round Trip timer config

    Hello there,

    I have never used the SLA monitoring feature in the IOS. It looks quite complex. I did read enough in the configuration guide that it sounds like you need to use the "multiple operations scheduling" feature.

    Here is the IOS 12.4 IP SLA configuration guide. I would look for configuration examples towards the end of the different guides.

    Let us know what you find and if you get it working. This sounds like a cool feature!
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