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proxy server with application manager

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  • proxy server with application manager

    hi to everybody,

    we want to set a proxy server where we can block application, in oder words we want to allow only msn messenger with camera,

    we try to block ports but with some research we found that msn uses lots of ports...

    so if we can find something to just enable msn and its camera, it will be very helpful

    thank you for your replies , have a nice day

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    Re: proxy server with application manager

    Hi Huseyin,

    Thanks for your post!

    I looked up the MSN port numbers at:

    It says that MSN uses:
    1863/tcp MSN Messenger
    6891-6900/tcp, udp MSN Messenger (File transfer)
    6901/tcp, udp MSN Messenger (Voice)

    I'm not sure what proxy you have but here is an article on blocking MSN with squid proxy. Maybe you could reverse it and allow it but block everything else:

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