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Cisco IOS License Codes in the Future...

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  • Cisco IOS License Codes in the Future...

    Cisco has announced that with all their newest shipping routers, they will include a version of the IOS with every feature possible (hoorah).

    But, the catch is (there's always a catch, right?) that these features won't be enabled by default. Only the base IP will be enabled by default.

    To enable these features, you must pay for unlock key codes from Cisco.

    The benefit is that, if you need an IOS with more features, you don't have to download a new, 20MB IOS file, upload it to your router, and reboot.

    The negative is, your IOS might be a much larger IOS file than needed to get the job done of a basic router. Plus, you must obtain an unlock code from Cisco. Also, they mentioned having a Cisco licensing server on the network (a thought that scares me).

    Have any of you heard anything more about this?

    Any feelings, good or bad, about this new method?

    Here is a link for more info, if you are interested:

    Thanks for your comments!
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