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Configuring RW SNMP community on PIX 515

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  • Configuring RW SNMP community on PIX 515

    Morning all, in my ongoing efforts to learn this PIX ISO, i am trying to setup a SNMP community that is RW, not RO. Here is what i am typing:

    snmp-server community [email protected]+ RW

    and i get

    ERROR: % Invalid input detected at '^' marker. (and the ^ is under the R in RW)

    The reason that i am trying to create a RW community string is so i can manage my configs with SolarWinds Broadband Engineers edition. This program will not download my configs if i only have a Read-Only community.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    I am running the most recent IOS (PIX Version 7.2(2) )

    Thanks much

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    Re: Configuring RW SNMP community on PIX 515

    Hi apperrault,

    Thanks for your post!

    In looking at the command reference, I don't see anywhere to specify a RW community vs a RO community.

    In the 7.2 SNMP configuration guide (at
    , it says that you just "specify a key", like this:
    hostname(config)# snmp-server community key

    (no place for RW or RO)

    On an IOS router, on the other hand, it seems to work fine, like this:
    Router(config)#snmp-server community test rw
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