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Subnetting/Routing in a colocated rack

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  • Subnetting/Routing in a colocated rack

    As you might have seen from my other post i have recently hired a full rack in a local datacenter. i have been given a pool of 64 IP addresses (subnet mask now i want to break down this pool further as i want 2 seperate subnets in my rack (subnet A and B), one that will be firewalled by a PIX (subnet A) and the other which will be unfirewalled and routed using a cisco 2620 (subnet B).

    now i understand how to subnet and break down the pool of 64 IPs further and how to set up the PIX and router and have done this in the datacenter, however it does not seem to work and i can not ping any external hosts from within my rack. i assume traffic is leaving my rack successfully however it is not returning to the rack as routers above my rack do not know that subnet A is behind the firewall and subnet B is behind my router.

    can i tell my datacenter provider to set up static routes for the subnets to the firewall and router or should i just request 2 new subnets and see if they can set up static routes for these 'new' subnets?

    many thanks for any help. i hope this makes sense!

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    Re: Subnetting/Routing in a colocated rack

    Hi Ryan
    Maybe you could draw a little diagram in word or mspaint to show us what you want to do.
    I drew up a sample network around what I got from your post in Visio. Maybe, if you have Visio, you can take it, edit it, and show us what you are trying to do.
    (just trying some new approaches to this online troubleshooting)
    I am sure that, one way or the other, we can help you out.
    Thanks for the post,
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