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  • extended Ping

    Using the extended Ping in Cisco routers I can check the connection of a specific line. (Mentioning of the source serial…). And in my opinion it’s a great tool to see if there is a problematic line…

    I'm looking for some kind of script that would automate the process of the extended ping, anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks a lot,

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    Re: extended Ping

    Hi Boaz,

    from when I use it, I find operation is largely automatic, in that the device prompts
    you for next steps.

    Why not just write some small keypress macros that you can fire at the console when you're in it? Would be very easy.




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      Re: extended Ping

      I'm looking for some kind of script (I guess it would be probably Perl), I just want to have some kind of tool to test the health or should I say the quality of a line...


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        Re: extended Ping

        Well what characteristics specifically do you wish to measure? Really the 'quality of the line' if you will means two totally differnet things ot me whether you're talking about a T1 or an optical circuit...
        Brian Desmond
        Microsoft MVP - Directory Services


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          Re: extended Ping

          Well actually I am looking for some kind of tool that would give the option to use extended ping in scenarios with many routers…

          For example I want to test (using the extended ping command) several lines (between several Cisco routers) with a single command.

          e.g.: "Extended Ping Area1" will trigger a ping between 10 lines in the size of X, Y times…

          I hope you guys will understand what I am looking for (sorry about the poor English ).


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            Re: extended Ping

            Thanks for the post!
            Just a thought, I wonder if the ciscocmd TCL scripting application would help you do this. I haven't tried it myself but it may do what you need.

            Here is a link to the forum where we discussed this app before, in the forums:

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              Re: extended Ping

              If I well remember, i do it before with ciscocmd but, to be sure, I will test as soon as possible on my work lan...

              Alain Degreffe


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                Re: extended Ping

                5 month old thread. Do look at the dates before you post.


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