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Cicso ASDM - how to export vpn profile

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  • Cicso ASDM - how to export vpn profile

    I am trying to figure out how to export a vpn profile (.pcf file) from the Cisco ASDM GUI for a remote access Cisco vpn client to use. We are using a Cisco ASA 5510. I created a new remote access vpn policy in the ASDM interface but how to I initially get the corresponding pcf file exported so that users may import it into their Cisco VPN client?

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    Re: Cicso ASDM - how to export vpn profile

    Hey ODS_Twig-

    I think you really want to do this from the client machine.

    I'm assuming this is a Windows machine-

    Create the profile and test it, then:

    Browse to
    -the Program Files folder
    -Cisco Systems
    -VPN Client

    You'll see the PCF file you need. Same name!

    To import, just move into the same location on your target machine.

    Job done!