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netflow analyzer 5,working very slowly

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  • netflow analyzer 5,working very slowly

    hi to everybody

    im a student, and i am working in the university's computer center,
    our network administrator assgn me to manage our netflow using manageengine (adventnet), and this is my 3rd day at work. i realized that netflow is working very slowly and sometimes the netflow server locked becouse of high cpu usage,

    our hardware conf is:
    1 GB of RAM
    x86 model 6 family 7 stepping 3 CPU (PENTIUM 3)
    and around 67 GB of HardDisk

    software conf is:
    Windows Advanced Server 2000 SP4

    if anybody tell me the reason, is the hardware/software conf is not enough,
    how can we improve the performance and stop locking of server

    thank you fopr your replies

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    Re: netflow analyzer 5,working very slowly

    Hello Huseyin.

    First, some questions:

    -what is the speed of the network connection the server is connected into?
    -is it into a backbone or edge switch?
    -can you check the utilisation on the NIC?
    -how many devices are you monitoring?
    -how much log space are you using up every day?



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      Re: netflow analyzer 5,working very slowly

      hi again, thank you for your reply,

      speed of my connection to the network is 100 Mbps
      it is connected to an edge switch
      we are monitoring 6 routers (5000 PCs)


      i dont know how to find the utilization of the NIC ?


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        Re: netflow analyzer 5,working very slowly

        Hi huseyin

        Wow, 5000 PC's? How about the performance of the server in general. If you run task manager, you should be able to see the performance of the CPU, RAM, the swap of the disk, and the NIC utilization (at least I can on XP but I don't remember what 2000 has, I know it has most of that)

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          Re: netflow analyzer 5,working very slowly

          Hi Huseyin,
          as David has said, 5000 is a lot!
          You can check the NIC performance (and other things) on Windows by using Performance Monitor. Its very straightforward.

          Its difficult to tell exactly, but this sounds like potentially a lot of devices. Obviously the workstations will not have NF installed, but, depending on how busy the routers are you could just be overwhelming your server. I agree with David- use Perf Mon to get some stats from your server and see if there's anything that looks way over the top.



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            Re: netflow analyzer 5,working very slowly

            Or use this app I've just found on Sourceforge:

            Note: just NIC monitoring on this.